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Tanoshii restaurant logo

Tanoshii Fusion
Thai/Japanese Pan Asian Cuisine

A Winchester Restaurants Dining Guide – REVIEW

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Tanoshii Prawn and Salsa dish Tanoshii Fusion - Upon arrival, we entered a restaurant with an Asian look and feel that effortlessly enhanced our anticipation for the new dining experience ahead. Tanoshii offers two very separate dining areas – both pleasantly spacious but at the same time quite intimate. We were shown to a crisp, nicely laid table (with comfortable seats) in the dining area at the front of the building by the window. A variety of seating arrangements are on offer and we are sure any couple, family, group or special party event would find one to suit them and their mood.

Decor – The dining areas are nicely lit and not too dark. Pristine white walls display atmospheric, Eastern–style pictures as well as other items of interest including an intricate black, gold and silver hanging. Delicate objects, such as orchid stems in sealed jars, sit on back-lit shelving displays, and exquisite red and gold lanterns hang from above.

Wine – A good selection from which we chose a light, fresh and lively Prosecco. Thai and Japanese choices that complement the courses served are also offered – adding another level to this dining experience.

Decisions – The menu comprises many cooked and uncooked dishes. Being new to Thai/Japanese dining we felt it in our interest to have the the Chef choose our dishes. Our trust in him for a gentle and delicious introduction to this type of cuisine was soon to be well rewarded.

Thai Crackers – Placed on our table was a basket filled with light, bronzed and gently spiced crackers - these were excellent! A bowl of dipping sauce provided further taste and texture that gently prepared us for the meal ahead.

Tanoshii dining area First Course – A tray of beautifully presented fish delicacies arrived: Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi and Crispy Soft Shell Crab Sushi (rolls bound in seaweed) – we gave a delighted gasp. The Sashimi were presented with garnish, when I write garnish I don't mean lettuce leaves and two onion slices; this was art! Our eyes beheld an array of fresh, colour rich salad that included a delicate arrangement of tiny white mushrooms with beansprouts, lettuce, carrot and palate cleansing radishes – easily a dish on its own.

Sashimi – Sashimi is often the first course in a formal Japanese meal, eaten before strong flavours affect the palate. The sliced raw salmon and tuna were cut to perfection; succulent, melted delicately on the tongue and tasted exactly as they should – fresh and delicious. The accompanying sauces – soy and wasabi, are mixed together to complement the salmon and tuna flavours.

Sushi – A common misconception is that all Japanese raw food is called Sushi; it isn't. Sashimi and Sushi are distinctly different. Sushi is made with vinegared short–grained Japanese rice, known as Sushi rice, which possesses a consistency that enables it to become sticky. The rice was perfect in our cooked Soft Shelled Crab Sushi Rolls and a taste experience we relished.

Mushrooms Platter – An array of Asian delicacies: Thai Vegetable Spring Rolls, Pregadgel (Indonesian Crispy Potato Cakes), Sweet Potato Tempura, Thai Fish Cakes and Sesame Prawns. Each dish was cooked to perfection, full of flavour and had wonderful textures that contrasted well with each other and our previous dishes.

Sabu-Sabu – Sashimi beef on hot rocks. Tender, thinly sliced raw steak is cooked at the table over two amazingly hot rocks the size of small boulders! The steak instantly sizzled as it met the rock surface then bubbled away gently. We revelled in pouring soy sauce over them to create a hissing cloud of aromatic steam. This is an excellent, delicious innovation and unsurprisingly, we loved it.

Sora Ebi – Steamed Tiger Prawns with Thai Salsa. We both enjoyed sharing this delicate, aromatic dish of succulent prawns and salsa. The aroma and taste suggested infusion with a flavour akin to aniseed but, on asking, we found it was actually Thai sweet green basil – a wonderful discovery immediately added to the gorgeous herbs list.

Desserts – As neither of us had room for dessert we could only look at the creations delivered to other diners – works of art in their own right. One was so beautifully decorated I couldn't resist photographing it.

Verdict – We were looked after attentively (as were all diners) and our questions answered with a practiced patience and well–versed knowledge. Each dish was served with an attention to detail and care for presentation seldom seen elsewhere. As well as each handsomely portioned dish being delicious, the fresh ingredients fuse to offer exciting combinations of flavours, textures and innovation for any diner to derive delight. The Tanoshii Fusion menu embraces differing tastes and offers lots of Vegetarian choices.

If you are looking for a taste of Thai and/or Japanese cuisine, or are just looking to eat delicious food in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere, then visit Tanoshii Fusion! This lovely restaurant is just a few minutes walk from the old Westgate and Winchester train station – click for map

Our thanks for a superb dining experience are warmly sent – together with our compliments to the Chef!

Photo of the Tanoshii Fusion restaurant

Tanoshii Fusion
Thai/Japanese Cuisine
Upper High Street, Winchester, Hampshire.

Tel: (01962) 820288

Click here for the Tanoshii Fusion Feature page with
full contact details, menus and website link

Review by
Paula and Richard 'The Suit' – October 2010