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Vegetarian Menu

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Lunch, Evening and Christmas Menus
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(GF): gluten free
(please note the paellas contain rice)
(V): vegetarian
(N): contains nuts


Vegetarian Dishes

Patatas Bravas o con Alioli (V)
A traditional dish of deep-fried potatoes with your
choice of spicy tomato sauce or garlic mayonnaise

Croquetas de Queso Manchego y Champiñones (V)
Croquettes of Manchego cheese and mushrooms

Tortilla Española (GF) (V)
A traditional Spanish onion and potato omelette

Guiso Gitano (GF) (V) (N)
A rustic vegetable casserole with chick peas,
lentils, butternut squash and almonds

Paella al Horno con Queso (V) (N)
Small tapa-sized baked paella with asparagus,
artichoke hearts and Manchego cheese

Champiñones Frescos Cocinados
en el Ajo, Vino Blanco, Crema y Perejil Fresco (GF) (V)

Fresh mushrooms cooked in garlic, white wine, cream and fresh parsley

De Queso Camembert Frito con
Mermelada de Cebolla Roja (V)

Deep fried breaded camembert cheese
served in a red onion and blueberry marmalade



Fat Chips (V)

Mixed Leaf Salad

Real Ali Oli

Sour Cream Dip

Fries (GF) (V)



Pan Fresco
Basket of fresh home-baked bread with butter,
seasoned butter or olive oil

Pan de Ajo con Queso
Basket of garlic bread stuffed with mozzarella cheese

Pan Catalán
Toasted slices of fresh bread rubbed with fresh garlic,
topped with sweet cherry tomatoes

Our Famous Paellas


(Minimum of 2 People)
Please note all the Paellas are cooked to order which could take 35 to 40 minutes!

Paella de Marisco (GF)

Paella al Horno con Queso Manchego Alcachofa y Espárragos (GF) (V)
Baked paella with Manchego cheese, artichoke hearts and asparagus


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