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Asian Restaurants
    – Dim t Asian Oriental Restaurant – *(feature)

Bar Restaurants Page – *(listing)
    – Bar–Restaurants in Winchester

Bistros Page – *(listing).
    – Bistros in Winchester

British Restaurants – *(feature)
    – No.5 Bridge Street

Cafes and Tea Rooms – *(UC)
Winchester Cafes and Tea Rooms Feature Under Construction

Chinese Restaurants Page – *(listing & link to menus)
    – Chinese Restaurants in Winchester

Christmas Information – *(features)
    – Christmas/New Year Info – Restaurants
    – Christmas/New Year Info – Pubs & Bar Restaurants

Cream Teas – *(UC)
    – Winchester Cream Teas Feature Under Construction

English Restaurants – *(UC)
    – English Restaurants in Winchester Feature Under Construction

European Restaurants – *(UC)
    – European Restaurants Feature Under Construction

Famous Restaurants – *(UC)
    – Famous Restaurants Feature Under Construction

Fish Restaurants – *(UC)
    – Winchester Fish Restaurants Feature Under Construction

French Restaurants – *(feature)
    – La Place Bistro

Gastropubs – *(listing with link to feature/website)
    – Gastropubs in Winchester

Hotel Restaurants – *(listing with link to feature)
    – Hotel Restaurants in Winchester

Indian Restaurants Page – *(listing with link to menus/review)
    – Indian Restaurants in Winchester

Inns – *(UC)
    – Winchester Inns Feature Under Construction

Irish Bars – *(review)
    – O'Neill's Pub & Grill.

Italian Restaurants – *(UC)
    – Winchester Italian Restaurants Feature Under Construction

Japanese Restaurants – *(listing with link to menus/feature)
    – Japanese Restaurants in Winchester

Nepalese Restaurants – *(UC)
    – Nepalese Restaurants in Winchester Feature Under Construction

Pizzerias – *(UC)
    – Winchester Pizzeria Feature Under Construction

Public Houses – *(listing & link to features)
    – Pubs in Winchester

Pub Restaurants – *(listing & link to features)
    – Pub–Restaurants in Winchester

Riverside Restaurants – *(listing)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar

Seafood Restaurants – *(UC)
    – Winchester Seafood Restaurants Feature Under Construction

Spanish Restaurants – *(feature)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Steakhouses – * (feature)
    – Porterhouse Steak House

Surrounding Areas – *(feature)
    – Restaurants in surrounding areas of Winchester

Take–Aways: Chinese – *(listing & menus)
    – Chinese takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Fish & Chips – *(feature coming soon)

Take–Aways: Fusion Cusine – *(listing & menus)
    – Fusion Cuisine (Oriental/Asian) takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Indian – *(listing & menus)
    – Indian takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Japanese – *(listing & menus)
    – Japanese takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Nepalese – *(UC)
    – Nepalese takeaway/delivery in Winchester Feature Under Construction

Take–Aways: Thai – *(listing & menus)
    – Thai takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Tapas Bars – *(feature)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar

Teppanyaki Grill – *(external link)
    – Sakura Restaurant & Teppanyaki Grill

Thai Restaurants – *(listing)
    – Tanoshii Fusion Restaurant

Village Restaurants – *(feature coming soon)

Vegetarian Restaurants – *(feature coming soon)

Within 20 mile radius – *(feature)

Restaurant Features

El Sabio
El Sabio Tapas Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar Restaurant & Drinks Menus
    – El Sabio Restaurant Tapas Photos

Lainston House
Lainston House Hotel – Sparsholt, Winchester.

No.5 Bridge Street
No.5 Bridge Street Bistro & Rooms – Winchester City Centre.
No.5 Bridge Street Restaurant Menu (pdf)

Pitcher and Piano
Pitcher and Piano Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Porterhouse Steakhouse
Porterhouse Steakhouse and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.
    – Porterhouse Review
    – Porterhouse Sample Menu (pdf)
    – Porterhouse Champagne and Wine List (pdf)

Tanoshii Fusion
Tanoshii Fusion Thai/Japanese Restaurant. Winchester City Centre.
    – Tanoshii Fusion Restaurant Menu (pdf)
    – Tanoshii Fusion Takeaway Menu (pdf)

The Roebuck Inn
The Roebuck Inn Bar, Restaurant and Venue – outskirts of City Centre.

The Royal Oak
Royal Oak Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Xmas Opening Times & Menus – *(features)
Restaurants and Pubs/Bar restaurants Christmas/New Year opening time, menus, booking forms and events
    – Christmas Info – Restaurants
    – Christmas Info – Pubs & Bar Restaurants

Restaurant Reviews

El Sabio Tapas Bar & Restaurant Review
Winchester Restaurants El Sabio Tapa Bar Review with photo gallery.

O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2014
Winchester Restaurants O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2014 with photos.

O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2012
Winchester Restaurants O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2012 with photos.

O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2011
Winchester Restaurants O'Neill's Pub & Grill Review 2011 with photos.

Porterhouse Steakhouse Review
Winchester Restaurants Porterhouse Steakhouse Review with photo gallery.

Rimjhim Contemporary Indian Restaurant Review
Winchester Restaurants Rimjhim Indian Restaurant Review with photo gallery.

Tanoshii Thai/Japanese Fusion Restaurant Review
Winchester Restaurants Tanoshii Fusion Restaurant Review with photo gallery.

Special Features Menu

Catering – *(feature under construction)

Children Welcome – *(feature)

Conference Centres – *(external link)
    – Winchester Guildhall

Dogs Welcome – *(feature under construction)

Entertainers – *(feature under construction)

Hotels – *(Hotels/Hotel Restaurants feature)

Jane Austin – *(external link)

King Alfred – *(external link)

Ladies Who Lunch – *(external link)
An informative site full of information and reviews by the Ladies.

Limousine Hire – *(external link)

Meet the Chefs Feature
Introducing the talented Chefs of the City of Winchester

Live Music Venues – *(external link)
The Railway Inn – Live Music in Winchester Feature under construction

Office Party Venues – *(external link)
Party Planning Feature – (full feature under construction)

The Mayfly – *(external link)
The Mayfly Pub, Chilbolton – riverside setting.

Wedding Services
Wedding Services Feature (to help you plan your big day) – under construction.

Wines & Champagne – *(full feature under construction)

Wine School – *(external link)
Winchester Wine School – a website for wine enthusiasts & those looking to learn.

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Privacy Policy of The Winchester Restaurants Dining Guide Website.

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Feedback/Contact Form for Winchester Restaurants.