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Find the finest restaurants, pubs and eateries located in the stunning City of Winchester, Hampshire, England.

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British Restaurants – *(feature)
    – No.5 Bridge Street

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Winchester Cafes and Tea Rooms Feature Under Construction

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Christmas Information – *(features)
    – Christmas/New Year Info – Restaurants
    – Christmas/New Year Info – Pubs & Bar Restaurants

Cream Teas – *(UC)
    – Winchester Cream Teas Feature Under Construction

English Restaurants – *(UC)
    – English Restaurants in Winchester Feature Under Construction

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    – La Place Bistro

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Riverside Restaurants – *(listing)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar

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    – Winchester Seafood Restaurants Feature Under Construction

Spanish Restaurants – *(feature)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Steakhouses – * (feature)
    – Porterhouse Steak House

Surrounding Areas – *(feature)
    – Restaurants in surrounding areas of Winchester

Take–Aways: Chinese – *(listing & menus)
    – Chinese takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Fish & Chips – *(feature coming soon)

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    – Fusion Cuisine (Oriental/Asian) takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Take–Aways: Indian – *(listing & menus)
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Take–Aways: Japanese – *(listing & menus)
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Take–Aways: Nepalese – *(UC)
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Take–Aways: Thai – *(listing & menus)
    – Thai takeaways/delivery in Winchester

Tapas Bars – *(feature)
    – El Sabio Tapas Bar

Teppanyaki Grill – *(external link)
    – Sakura Restaurant & Teppanyaki Grill

Thai Restaurants – *(listing)
    – Tanoshii Fusion Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurants – *(feature coming soon)

Within 20 mile radius – *(feature)

Restaurant Features

El Sabio
El Sabio Tapas Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Lainston House
Lainston House Hotel – Sparsholt, Winchester.

No.5 Bridge Street
No.5 Bridge Street Bistro & Rooms – Winchester City Centre.

Pitcher and Piano
Pitcher and Piano Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Porterhouse Steakhouse
Porterhouse Steakhouse and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Tanoshii Fusion
Tanoshii Fusion Thai/Japanese Restaurant. Winchester City Centre.

The Roebuck Inn
The Roebuck Inn Bar, Restaurant and Venue – outskirts of City Centre.

The Royal Oak
Royal Oak Bar and Restaurant – Winchester City Centre.

Xmas Opening Times & Menus – *(features)
Restaurants and Pubs/Bar restaurants Christmas/New Year opening time, menus, booking forms and events
    – Christmas Info – Restaurants
    – Christmas Info – Pubs & Bar Restaurants

Restaurant Reviews

Tanoshii Thai/Japanese Fusion Restaurant Review
Winchester Restaurants Tanoshii Fusion Restaurant Review with photo gallery.

Special Features Menu

Conference Centres – *(external link)
    – Winchester Guildhall

Hotels – *(Hotels/Hotel Restaurants feature)

Jane Austin – *(external link)

King Alfred – *(external link)

Meet the Chefs Feature
Introducing the talented Chefs of the City of Winchester

Live Music Venues – *(external link)
The Railway Inn – Live Music in Winchester Feature under construction

The Mayfly – *(external link)
The Mayfly Pub, Chilbolton – riverside setting.

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