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Sample Evening Menu

Links to pdf versions of the
Lunch, Evening and Christmas Sample Menus
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(GF): gluten free
(please note the paellas contain rice)
(V): vegetarian
(N): contains nuts



Meat Dishes

01 Paella de Carne (GF)
Small, tapa-sized, meat paella with chorizo sausage
and pieces of fresh chicken breast

02 Croquetas de Pollo y Jamón Serrano
Fresh chicken and Serrano ham croquettes served with ali oli

03 Albóndigas en Salsa de Tomate
Homemade hand-rolled pork and beef meatballs,
served in a rich tomato sauce

04 Brocheta de Chorizo y Pollo (GF)
Chargrilled chorizo and fresh chicken breast on skewers,
marinated in spices and served with real ali oli

05 Chorizos a la Sidra
Sautéed, sliced chorizo sausage in Spanish cider

06 Conejo Estofado con Vino Tinto (GF)
Rabbit stew in a rich red wine sauce

07 Hígados de Pollo al Jerez
Sautéed chicken livers with paprika, garlic and sherry

Fish Dishes

08 Gambas Pil Pil (GF)
King Prawns sautéed in olive oil,garlic and hot green chilli peppers

09 Paella Valenciana (GF)
Small, tapa sized paella with pieces of chicken breast, chorizo and seafood

10 Fritura Mixta
Deep fried calamari, king prawns, swordfish and whitebait in a light batter,
served with fresh lemon and real ali oli

11 Tortilla de Seta Silvestre y Camarón
Wild mushrooms and shrimp omelette

12 Todo Langostinos Tigre Salteados con Ajo,
Limón, el Jerez y Perejil Fresco (GF)

Sautéed whole tiger prawns with garlic, chilli, lemon, sherry and fresh parsley

13 Calamares Fritos con Paprika
Paprika coated, flash fried baby squid with ali oli

14 Croquetas de Pescados de los Salmones y de la Gamba
Smoked salmon and prawn fishcakes with a remoulade dip

Vegetarian Dishes

15 Patatas Bravas o con Alioli (V)
A traditional dish of deep-fried potatoes with your
choice of spicy tomato sauce or garlic mayonnaise

16 Croquetas de Queso Manchego y Champiñones (V)
Croquettes of Manchego cheese and mushrooms

17 Tortilla Española (GF) (V)
A traditional Spanish onion and potato omelette

18 Guiso Gitano (GF) (V) (N)
A rustic vegetable casserole with chick peas,
lentils, butternut squash and almonds

19 Paella al Horno con Queso (V) (N)
Small tapa-sized baked paella with asparagus,
artichoke hearts and Manchego cheese

20 Champiñones Frescos Cocinados
en el Ajo, Vino Blanco, Crema y Perejil Fresco (GF) (V)

Fresh mushrooms cooked in garlic, white wine, cream and fresh parsley

21 De Queso Camembert Frito con
Mermelada de Cebolla Roja (V)

Deep fried breaded camembert cheese
served in a red onion and blueberry marmalade

Cold Dishes

22 Ensalada Mixta (GF) (V)
Wild rocket salad with sweet vine-ripened cherry tomatoes,
feta cheese, fresh basil pesto with an oak-aged balsamic vinegar dressing

23 Jamón Serrano
Traditional cured Spanish ham from Iberia
accompanied with hollandaise sauce.

24 Pisto de Verduras (V)
Chilled, grilled Mediterranean vegetables with feta cheese,
marinated in fresh herbs,olive oil and balsamic vinegar

25 Ensalada de Queso de Cabra (V)
Goats cheese on a bed of salad,drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing

26 Aceitunas Mixtas (GF) (V)
Marinated mixed olives with peppers, red onion and fresh lemon

27 Pimientos de Piquillo Asado Relleno con Queso Feta (GF) (V)
Roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with feta cheese
served with an oak-aged balsamic vinegar dressing

Platillo de Ibericos


36 Spanish Platter for two to share (GF)
Pork fillet (smoked in-house), Serrano ham, Iomo, chorizo, salchichon,
Manchego cheese and mahon served on an olive tree board

37 Fish Platter for two to share (GF)
Mackerel and green lip mussels (smoked in-house), marinated king prawns
and tuna carpaccio served on a terracotta plate

38 Cheese Platter for two to share (GF) (V)
Selection of Spanish cheeses (Manchego, Mahon, Queso de Cabra al Vino)
served on an olive tree board



31 Fat Chips (V)

32 Mixed Leaf Salad

33 Real Ali Oli

34 Sour Cream Dip

35 Fries (GF) (V)



28 Pan Fresco
Basket of fresh home-baked bread with butter,
seasoned butter or olive oil

29 Pan de Ajo con Queso
Basket of garlic bread stuffed with mozzarella cheese

30 Pan Catalán
Toasted slices of fresh bread rubbed with fresh garlic,
topped with sweet cherry tomatoes

Our Famous Paellas


(Minimum of 2 People)
Please note all the Paellas are cooked to order which could take 35 to 40 minutes!

39 Paella Valenciana (GF)
Traditional mixed paella with chicken pieces, chorizo,
king prawns, mussels, squid and tiger prawns

40 Paella de Marisco (GF)
Seafood paella with clams, black mussels, king prawns,
swordfish, monkfish, squid, tiger prawns and langoustines

41 Paella de Carne (GF)
Meat paella with chicken pieces and chorizo sausage

43 Paella al Horno con Queso Manchego Alcachofa y Espárragos (GF) (V)
Baked paella with Manchego cheese, artichoke hearts and asparagus


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